anghara (anghara) wrote,

Norwescon update, final

... from home.

let's see. The final panel on Saturday, the one on villains and villainy, went off swimmingly (standing room only! Not bad!) and then I returned from there back to the bar where I left rdeck with a bunch of people having a grand old time. That party broke up soon afterwards because everyone had other parties to go to, but I... kind of... skived off and went to bed early. I really was not in the best of physical shape for this con.

Sunday, we had a very pleasant breakfast with jpsorrow and his brother, andthen went back to our room and threw our kit together and set off for home. Made good time. Cats happy to see us.

I'm going to go off and curl up with one of my new books now. I don't think I'm up for that much else, or anything remotely strenuous. It was a terrific convention and I got to do all sorts of cool things but now I'll go away quietly and... just... recuperate.

More later. Home now. going to go cuddle a cat.

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