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I REALLY need a con icon...

...because here I am and Lunacon is ON. It's funny how a hotel transforms when a convention descends on it. Yes, it could just be that people are wandering around wearing fake cat's tails or T shirts with a funny slogan but it isn't JUST that - after a while at this game, it becomes surprisingly easy to spot a SF fan in his or her natural environment. They just look and walk and act and talk a certain way and the snatches of conversation you hear floating around dark corners of the hallways tend to be... fairly... unorthodox.

Got registered, am festooned with colourful insignia ( the predominant colour on the badge this year is orange; I have a couple of pens stuck to my badge holder which are purple and green; I am sure that I would glow in the dark if the lights were to go out...), and have my first panel in about half an hour. I've got, what, two more today? or was that one more and a panel I wanted to go and attend? Either way. Off we go. Today I had lunch with an old friend I hadn't seen for many a year and that was great fun - tomorrow I am having breakfast with another friend whom I last saw at a mutual friend's wedding in August last year, and then it's more panels in the afternoon. Sunday... is going to be tricksy, what with my needing to be in NYC at a certain hour for the NY Teen Festival signing and am unlikely to be back here for anything coherent on a Sunday afternoon. I MAY be too busy to blog about all this, so this is all you're really getting, nyah nyah, until I settle somewhere after the bulk of it all is over and I can take a breath. Moday I'm back in the city, and it's a full day (breakfast, lunch, evening plans). Tuesday I'll just pick up sticks and wander over to JFK and sit there and hope that they've got free WIFi there. Flying home Tuesday night. New York over for another year. I am guessing I am going to be sitting there in the plane on the way home feeling vaguely winded and wondering where the last week went.

Oh, and I wrote a story this morning. Just because.

I suppose I'd better go find the panel room now, in the Escher Hilton, where no corridor leads to where you THINK it's going and you can change floors without EVER leaving the level you're on.

Will be back as and when able.
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