anghara (anghara) wrote,

On the road again...

Here I am, in New York. The Hilton only has freely accessable WiFi in the lobby, which is where I is, but in the room it's "fees apply" and you have to plug yourself into wires. I seem to remember I had trouble with the wired kind with the laptop on a previous visit so I'll content myself with the lobby version I guess as and when able.

nycshelly, and anyone else who might be interested, I'll be in the city tomorrow afternoon, and on Monday, and I'll be at the Books of Wonder mass signing event on Sunday at 2 PM - leave me a message here or email me directly if you want to figure out a time to get together (and if you give me a phone number I'll be in touch...)

For other folks with whom I've already got standing arrangements, see you soon!

ANd now the laptop is running out of juice (the charger is upstairs in the room) and I have to make tracks.

Need coffee...

Catch up tomorrow - and in the meantime I hope you had a good St Paddy's day. I heard the NYC parade on radio and it seems like they had quite a party in the city today - sorry I missed it...

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