anghara (anghara) wrote,

Another music melange...

We all know musicals. We all love 'em.

We all probably know the big flashy numbers, often played. How about some musical roads less travelled by?...

I love this song. Maybe because in so many ways it applies to me. I was... born under a wandrin' star myself, living in so many places, putting down shallow roots in so many different soils. This, on some level, just spoke to me.

How many of you have ever HEARD this one? But I love it - the tune, the lyrics - "love can make a summer fly or a night feel like a lifetime" - one of Lloyd Webber's lesser known gems...

Another from the same musical, "Aspects of Love". Again, gorgeous tune, and fabulous lyrics.

This one just makes me weep...

Oh dear GOD I want this dance with David Bowie...

So - what are some of yours...?
Tags: musical, video
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