anghara (anghara) wrote,

I'm OLD.

Back in the late '90s sometime, when mmy_me and I were wandering along one of the shopping arcades of downtown Auckland, we were passing a record shop with a sales rack outside its front door and we stopped to paw through the offerings just on the principle of it.

I still vividly remember her outrage as she hauled out a CD and spluttered, "RETRO? The *Eighties*?"

It didn't seem like retro, to either of us. We had been young then.

Today, in the car, same damn thing.

"Enjoy the retro ride home!" twittered the chirpy DJ. "Do you remember this one... from 1993...?"

NINETEEN NINETY FRICKING THREE? What do you mean, "retro"? That was YESTERDAY! That was... that was...

That was seventeen years ago.

I'm OLD.

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