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Field's End Writers' conference in April -

If this is something you might enjoy, here's their press release:


Bainbridge Island, Washington---Registration is open for the 5th Annual Field's End Writers' Conference to be held Saturday, April 17 at Kiana Lodge, on the shores of Agate Passage just north of Bainbridge Island. Enjoy a day of camaraderie, inspiration, and learning about the art and craft of writing.

This year’s keynote speaker is environmental journalist Bruce Barcott, 2009 Guggenheim Nonfiction Fellow and author of The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw, named one of the best books of 2008 by Library Journal. Award-winning poet and performance artist Dr. Gloria Burgess will be opening speaker, discussing “Creative Perseverance: For Such a Time as This.” Founder and Principal of Jazz, Inc., her books include Legacy Living and Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside.

Attendees will have many choices of workshops throughout the day. Sheila Bender will lead a workshop on "Writing Through Grief." Novelist Anjali Banerjee will present a session on "Knowing When to Stop Revising." Other workshops include “A Dozen Steps to Find a Literary Agent or Publisher,” led by Alice B. Acheson, and “Capturing an Oral History,” presented by Kit Bakke.

Poetry workshops include “The Prose Poem” with Oliver de la Paz, “Eating Poetry,” led by Nancy Pagh, and “Ekphrasis Workshop” with poet Martha Silano. Young adult authors Alma Alexander and Joni Sensel cover issues related to their genre, from fantasy writing to the demand for ecology topics in children’s fiction.

Other features this year include a professional panel of three industry experts examining the topic “Writing Outside the Lines: State of the Industry,” a “Writing Aerobics” hands-on workshop that will jump-start your writing by using all of your senses, and an open reading session. The event also includes a continental breakfast, delicious salmon or vegetarian lunch, and a cheese and wine book signing reception.

Please visit to register.

This has been a public service announcement...

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