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Climbed no mountains, swam no seas, ran no races...

...wrote no usable words...

SOme days just slip by without pausing to acknowledge your existence.

It isn't even the "what day of the week is it" thing, which sometimes does rear up and bite me - simply because I don't have a life that revolves around leaving the house to go to work so I don't have "Workdays" and "Weekends" as such and this means I sometimes miss the garbage collection day because I think it's THursday when it's really Friday and the garbage guys have been and gone and the only way I woke up to their whereabouts in the timeline was when I saw the rear end of the blue truck disappearing down the road. My friend Toni is probably still dining out on the story of when I woke up convinced the day was a Friday, worked steadily on something all morning, and only slowly somehow came to the realization that (a) it was in point of fact SATURDAY; (b) Saturdays she and I had a long-standing arrangement to go have breakfast together; and (c) I had completely and unwittingly stood her up. I phoned and grovelled and she was nice enough to accept the whole snafu with a gracious "That's what happens when you have a writer for a friend" remark.

But today was Sunday. I went to a pharmacy to try and refill rdeck's prescription and discovered that, unlike the previous pharmacy where we'd done this, this one wasn't open on a Sunday. And then I went to visit with the folks, and the day disappeared, running through my hands like water...

Tomorow is Monday. New week. I have a heap of other things to deal with that require attention, and it's now a working week (for other people) and I can start contacting folks in offices and all like that (because they'll actually BE there...) and on top of all that... I swear... I SWEAR... I have to have at least Chapter 2 done this week, and Chapter 3, if not done or close to done, at least well begun by the end of it. I wanted to have four chapters done by the end of January, which doesn't look like it's going to happen - but I'll give it my best shot. Starting tomorrow.

And this time I really MEAN it...

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