anghara (anghara) wrote,

FINALLY got round to having one...

...vexed questions, these book trailers. Do they or don't they help anything? Do they annoy so much that they hinder? Is a bad book trailer or an unprofessional one worse than none at all?...

Well, possibly I'm coming in after this trilogy's ship has already sailed, as it were, with the third and final book being available for a year now. But it never hurts to remind people, and this particular video trailer I can actually stand behind and be proud of. I think the folks who did the trailer (all contact details at the end of same, and if you need such stuff I can recommend them) did a wonderful job of it. It's been seen in my presence by people who have squealed in delight, or else told me three times afterwards how much they liked it. So on that fundamental level, it works. Make up your own mind. If you like it, pass it on...

Tags: book trailer

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