anghara (anghara) wrote,

Merry Christmas. Again.

It's MY Christmas today. The Orthodox Christmas.

Here's a taste of what that means.

It's probably too long (they repeat that song!) but the images give you a sort of vision of what my world was like as a little girl - the snowy streets, the baroque buildings of old city centers and the village houses of the countryside. In fact, if the song annoys you (and you can't understand it anyway) just kill the sound and watch the pictures...

But turn the sound back on for this one -

It's the Christmas liturgy, sung by a children's choir. They are quite amazing.

This one - just for the bells, and the greeting. The tradition is to call it out three times on Christmas morning - "Hristos se Rodi!" (Christ is Born) and the reply is "Vaistinu se rodi!" (Truly, He is born!)

This last - it's a little more Russian than my own background - but - S ROZDESTVIM HRISTOVIM, norilana, and any others out there who also belong in this kindred.

Hristos se rodi. Merry Christmas.

And now my new year REALLY starts...
Tags: heritage, memories

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