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Yes, even so. She-who-does-not-willingly-muck-around-the-kitchen (except when making chocolate brownies) actually contributed a dish to Christmas lunch. Red cabbage baked casserole, with apples and onions and red wine vinegar. And VERY tasty it was, too. Merry Christmas to accomplished me!

We opened presents this morning. Among them is a BUNCH of bags of nice organic free-trade coffee (ya gotta love my hubby!), a jar of special honey and a note informing us that the special honey pump top that was supposed to come with it was "out of stock and on backorder" so I guess I'll still be getting that at some point, a cute little digital video camera which I'm still trying to figure out, a whole buncha books and movies (including the Torchwood "Children of Earth" miniseries and thenew Star Trek movie), and my personal favourite - rdeck had "Adopted" a gray wolf in my name, and in memory of Ari, my most beloved dog. I cried.

Then we had family over for Christmas lunch (hence the red cabbage) and we opened up some more presents. Got a pair of nice slippers I'm wearing right now, and gave out one of my photo-calendars, and another whole bunch of books - at LEAST one of which caused a real jaw-drop, so I count it as a major success.

And then we watched our perennial Christmas traditional movie, "It's a wonderful life". Yes, it's mawkish. Yes, it's sentimental. Yes, for all of you out there who might suffer from a surfeit of sugar, it's positively saccharine in places. *I don't care*. Love that movie. Love it. And it makes me cry every year.

So that was Christmas.

Now we need to gird our loins for 2010.

And maybe there'll even be video...
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