anghara (anghara) wrote,

It's not just the end of another year...

... it's the end of a decade, it's the end of the first decade of a brand-new century. And now that I look back over it - look back THAT far over it - the decade that was takes my breath away. I've been on a rollercoaster ride, and then some.

In 2000, I got married. That was huge, and it was quite a note to begin the decade and the century and the new millennium on. But that wasn't the end of it - I moved yet again to a different country and a different continent to do this thing.

In 2001 and 2002, my fat fantasy duology (the "Changer of Days" books) was published in New Zealand. During 2002, I started writing a brand new book - the book that would become "The Secrets of Jin Shei". Mid-2002, I signed with a New York agent, who sold that book (over the next five to six years) into more than a dozen languages worldwide. She also sold my second novel in the Jin Shei world, also in multiple languages, as well as a YA trilogy - since 2001 I've literally had a book a year, often more than one if you count the concurrent foreign editions, coming out almost like clockwork. To give you a run-down -

2001/2002: NZ/Aus editions of "Changer of Days" (non-agented)
2003: signed with agent
2004: USA edition of "Secrets of Jin Shei", hardcover; book also sold in Italy, Holland, Germany, Lithuania. Also, in this year, the USA editions of the "Changer of Days" books are released by Harper COllins Eos.
2005: USA PB edition of "Secrets of Jin Shei", plus several foreign edition - Czech, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese (in Portuguese and Brazilian editions), Turkish, Hebrew
2006; "Embers of heaven" comes out in the UK and Australia and then, over the next couple of years, in Dutch, Lithuanian, Spanish, Portuguese
2007: Worldweavers 1: Gift of the Unmage comes out in Hardcover
2008: Worldweavers 1 out in PB; Worldweavers #2: Spellspam comes out in HC. "Secrets of Jin Shei" sold into a Russian edition.
2009: Worldweavers 2 out in PB; Worldweavers #3: Cybermage out in HC. "Embers of Heaven" translated and published in my own mother tongue, Serbian, in the land of my birth - letting my non-English-speaking relatives read a novel of mine for the first time.

That's a busy couple of years. Looking back over it, a little overwhelming, too. I'm sure I've missed a language somewhere. My head is still spinning from it all.

In 2008 and 2009, I've written two whole new novels - and THEY start on their journeys next year, kicking off the next decade. Wish me luck.

But that wasn't all.

When I moved to the States and got married, it was to join my new husband in FLorida, where he was living at the time. He'd already hated it for far longer than he cared to admit; it took me less than two years to start pleading for a move. So we did move, lock stock and barrel, in February 2003 - all the way to the Pacific Northwest.

In June of that year, rdeck had the stroke from which he has been recovering slowly ever since. For a while, it was bad - but we've made do and even conquered, and he's even been on an extended overseas trip-combined-with-a-Worldcon in 2005.

As for myself, in this period I have attended and been part of the programming at five Worldcons, three (or is it four?) World Fantasy Conventions, and any number of lesser regional cons - and have chalked up my very first Guest of Honor appearance at one, Radcon, in February of this year.

We're looking forward to our ninth Christmas together in a couple of days, and getting a full decade of marriage under our belts next July.

It's been a helluva ten years.

Bring on the next decade.
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