anghara (anghara) wrote,

So there I was...

...supposed to be asleep and all, it's THREE IN THE MORNING, my bedside clock tells me - and yet here I am, suddenly awake, the New Novel's final epiphany dancing in my head like the sugar plum fairy. So I get up and pad out to the office where there's paper and a working pen because there's this one phrase - one concept - that I CANNOT AFFORD TO LET SLIP AWAY FROM ME because it is going to make this novel's ending absolutely AWESOME and I need to write it down and have a record of it somewhere in the morning because I can't trust myself to remember it exactly if I should go to sleep again, after, and I need to. I need to remember it EXACTLY.

The New Novel's final edits have now all been done. This is the version of the MS that will get sent off to New York tomorrow morning. And yes, I know that it's dying over there right now, curling up for its Christmas nap - but it'll be on my agent's desk waiting for her when she gets geared up again for the new year.

And I have a new project for the next couple or three months. Nothing I can really talk about but it'll bring in a cash injection to help bridge the waiting period while the TWO new novels I now have ready are being introduced to the publishing sphere next year...

But right now... the weight is off... I'm done. I've written another one. Not as long as my usual doorstops - this one weighs in at a slim 109 000 words or so - but it's very different to anything I've ever written before, anyway, so it's just as well that the length has adjusted to compensate for that.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime... it's Christmas. I'm taking the next two weeks OFF.

Except for blogging.

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