anghara (anghara) wrote,

Here's something good to do for Christmas...

My local Indie bookstore, Village Books, has thrown its considerable influence behind a project to restore the library of a local school, the Whatcom Middle School, which was the victim of a devastating fire a few weeks ago. The building itself still seems mostly in okay shape, albeit severely damaged by flame and then subsequently by water, but of course they've lost pretty much anything that was in there - and that includes the contents of their library.

Village Books is hosting a Book Appeal for the Whatcom Middle School library. in order to replenish and restore their inventory. It's in full swing right now - and if ever you've wanted a chance to get kids to read more, this is a good opportunity to do it. Over 500 books have been purchased and donated (and yes, that includes my own donation) - so if you're local to the area, drop in and see if there's a book you loved as a child the joy of which you might want to pass on to some other child growing up right now who might never have crossed paths with it. Donate a classic, or donate a brand new hot-off-the-shelf book - whatever takes your fancy. Kids need to read.

This is just a Good Thing to Do. So - if you're able - consider this a Christmas present to children you've never met.

Just thought I'd put the word out.

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