anghara (anghara) wrote,

I'm kind of intermittent as well as somewhat late to the party -

- and maybe it's just Tennant and his stamp on the role - but over the past couple of years I've really glommed onto Doctor Who in a big way.

I had brief flirtations with the Doctor in his earlier incarnations - God help me, I saw the ORIGINAL Daleks (and I couldn't take them seriously then, or now - yes, they can "exterminate" me but while they're doing it I'll be doubled over and giggling and gasping out "Pepper pots! I'm being killed by a bunch of pepper pots!") and no doubt now that I've paid so much constant and consistent attention to the Doctor in the Tennant era I will continue to flirt with the next incarnation also - but DAMN I will miss the tenth doctor. I REALLY will.

For others who may or may not remember the progression down the years, here's a recap:

...oh well. Allons-y, than! Off to the future!

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