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So. Here's a Christmas experiment.

1. Choose a photograph from the ones offered in this post.

2. Give me a name (yours, if you like, or someone else's if it's for a present), and two more keywords.

3. I will write you a short story with a protagonist bearing the name you gave me (who may or may not bear any resemblance to the real live person bearing said name...) and about at least one, or both if I can manage it, other keywords you specified.

4. This story will be printed out and mailed to you, hard copy, and the printout shall include the picture you specified. That's Tier 1. Tier 2, I will produce an 8x10 print of the photo and send that with the story. Tier 3, I'll send a MATTED print with the story. Tier 4, I'll send a FRAMED print of your photo with the story. There will be a sliding scale of prices involved, starting at between $45 and $60 for Tier 1, depending on how long the story is (if interested in the advanced options, email me and we can talk...)

5. For the first five people who sign up for this, I absolutely guarantee to do this by Christmas. Anyone after that, I'll do my best, but I can only write so many short stories at a time. However, what I WILL do for absolutely everybody who does sign up is provide a "your Christmas gift has been slightly delayed but it's coming" card. And if you should wish to obtain this present for an occasion other than Christmas - say, someone's birthday coming up - that's fine too. THe sign-ups will remain open. (If there's enough interest in this enterprise I might start up a mailing list, and every so often there will be new photographs on offer...)

6. Comments are screened, should you wish to let me have mailing details and other information in private, as it were - alternatively, email me directly.

I await the results of this experiment with interest...


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