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Orycon 2009, or "Does anyone know where the autographing tables are?"

Well, here we are at another Orycon. We turned up on Thursday night and nothing was quite ready (Thursday having been Thanksgiving, of course, and everything having been predicated on that) but that was okay - we were kinda early, after all.

Friday morning we came down to breakfast, said hi to a couple of people we knew, had breakfast, and went in search of important things like programs so that we could figure out where to go and what to do - but the Green Room people shrugged helplessly and said, "You'll have 'em when we get 'em..." - which finally happened a little later, AFTER the programming had already started, leaving the first few panels out there in something of a limbo - the panelists knew where they were supposed to be, because their name tents gave their itineraries and locations, but nobody ELSE knew anything about the panels or who was on them or where they were supposed to be and this year it was a new hotel anyway so even having a room name was no guarantee whatsoever of knowing its location (which could be in any of three separate wings of the hotel...) But we finally got hold of a program booklet, and it was off and running.

My first panel was at 3 PM, about "Alternative History" - and it was in what fellow panelist Michael Ehart called the "grown-ups room" - one of the ballrooms, a huge place with LOTS of chairs which made the panelists wonder whether we'd have an echo in the place if not enough people turned up to fill them - but the panel was surprisingly well attended and very lively (and Robin Hobb actually recommended my book to the audience, which was REALLY cool!) After that, straight after that at 4 PM, I had a panel I was supposed to be moderating, on whether artists and writers were "wired differently" and were moderately nuts, as it were, by definition. We had three writers, two artists, and a Jungian psychologist on the panel - and maybe as many people again, or even maybe fewer, in the audience. We decided that we were mostly just fine, thank you very much, and sometimes the rest of the world just needed to catch up with us dreamers while we ran on ahead and tasted the winds that blow sweet and terrible out of the sunrise... and I'm sure we gave that psychologist enough material to run a conference with...

After that, social time - dinner with a bunch of friends, and then lots of parties up on the party floor afterwards. We were moderate in our partygoing, and collapsoed into bed at around midnight.

8:30 this morning it was breakfast with Brenda Cooper, and then we picked up an entourage and made our way into the Green Room asking everyone we met, "excuse me, but do you know where the autograph tables are?" because in the program it said, helpfully, that authors would be signing at Table 1 or Table 2 but nowhere was the location of said tables actually specified. Some of our number so equipped and inclined even resorted to Twitter to try and find things out, and the plaintive, "Excuse me but does anyone know where the autograph tables are?" went out into the ether. (Yes. We found out. Eventually. Everything is fine now.)

Then we went to listen to radconbob read a short story which he is currently working on, which was a treat because we don't often get to see him wearing his writer's hat, he's always too busy doing organizational stuff or being goofy at parties (you know what's fun? As I type this, in the cybercafe here at Orycon, he himself is sitting right next to me and has no idea that I am talking about him... hi, Bob!!! [grin]) and after that it was my turn to read, and I actually had about seven people at the reading, which is not to be sneezed at, and a couple of them were even complete strangers who wandered in to listen TO ME and then left straight afterwards which made it evident that they had specially come there to listen to me. Which was rather nice...

Another panel in an hour, and then another, after that - and then lunch with some friends - and then I have an autographing at those mythical tables in the afternoon, followed by my appearance as the visiting pro at the Writers' Workshop where I'm to critique a couple of new writers' novels-in-progress. And after THAT, it's a question of find something to eat (probably accreting company on the way, as these cons are wont to go) and then more parties...

And then, Sunday, I have a nice lazy day, a concert I want to go to in the morning, and the Powells signing in the afternoon.

And then, Monday morning, we leave the hotel, hit the railway station, have some lunch in that nice little restaurant in the railway station building where we have yet to have a bad meal, and catching the afternoon train back home. Factoring in everything, home by 10, hopefully. (I miss my catses...)

And then I have a novel to finish...

But I'm running ahead of myself again. I have a panel in half an hour. About building a balanced mythos. I have to get my balance in order.

See y'all later. Maybe.
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