anghara (anghara) wrote,

It may not mean much to many of you

...but the head of my church, the Patriarch Pavle, died a couple of days ago.

The LA Times "obituary" which appeared in the newspaper following the news of his death managed to paint the grand old holy man who had lived through hell on earth during the worst times in Kosovo a "nationalist" and practically, to all intents and purposes, someone intent on goading the fires of war and genocide and all that, just about stopping only this side of calling him a terrorist - and the evidence for all this boils down to the fact that he was a Serb. There is quite a lot of evidence that refutes that unholy obituary, however. This was a man of God who cared for a scattered and wounded people, and for three days (until his funeral on Thursday) the entire nation is mourning him. People interviewed in the streets, crying, are calling him a living saint.

I am not what you might call a deeply religious person - but I am who I am, and the Orthodox Church is a huge part of my cultural heritage. The Patriarch deserves an "in memoriam" from me, a lost and scattered member of his people in the diaspora.

May God grant you rest, your holiness. May your soul find peace. You are out of the storms of hatred and bigotry which this sorry world has flung at you. You are with the God whom you have served so faithfully and so well for so many years.

The video below is from the Orthodox liturgy - "vjecnaja pamjat" means "everlasting memory".


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