anghara (anghara) wrote,

To the Politicats and other Phoners

Dear sweet people. Get this through your heads. DO NOT PHONE ME AT HOME TO BEND MY EAR OR ASK ME FOR STUFF.

For the politicians during elections season - which is thankfully almost over for the nonce with the ballots due in on Tuesday - there are further caveats - do NOT stick "unknown name unknown number" or "private name private number" on your call - I have caller ID and if I see these they usually mean that the person calling does not know me and has no business calling me at all. If I do pick up the phone, for God's sake, if you have something to tell me have the courtesy to phone me yourself or have another living human being do it. I tell you now, I tell you once, *the moment I hear a recording start I will put the phone down*. I don't care WHAT your credentials are or what you stand for - when I vote I will vote guided by those, anyway, which I will have found out about, and a recording "reminding" me to vote or telling me how great you are is more than likely to have precisely the opposite effect. Countless elections have been held before without the candidates being given leave to harass voters in their own homes at inconvenient times - if I am at a rally of yours, talk to me by all means; send me literature if you feel you have to; but you have NOT been invited into my home, and that includes the telephone, thank you very much.

For the charities and the pollsters and everyone else who wants something from me be it money or time - if I pick up the phone and there is a person on the other end I will be polite and say "no". Once. If you carry on talking after that you will get hung up on with no apology whatsoever. if I have given to your charity in the past that does not give you licence to call me at home to ask me to do it again - I may, or I may not, depending on personal finances and the circumstances, but I will most emphatically not do so over the phone to the cajoling canvasser. I do NOT do opinion polls on the phone. I do NOT buy anything over the phone. If you phone me more than six times and I HANG UP ON YOU EVERY TIME please keep a record of this somewhere and take it as a hint that I do not wish to talk to you (yes, a charity has done this. They patiently keep trying. I've taken to picking up the phone and putting it straight down again when they call.) Is there any way I can get my fricking phone number taken off your lists? Please? Pretty please? I am already on the Do Not Call registry, but I am told it doesn't apply to charities - nor apparently to campaigning politicians - so I am left wondering who in fact IS supposed not to call me if I am on that list.

Seriously. *I am now annoyed*. Please to cease this behaviour. It is rude, uncouth, and arrogant to telephone complete strangers and bleat at them about things they have no wish to have a conversation about. Stay out of my house. I mean it.
Tags: rant

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