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If you haven't heard the story yet, go read it here. Go on, I'll wait.

How many of you have heard this mentioned in the media? Now tell me how many of you have heard about the boy-who-was-not-in-the-weather-balloon (ad nauseam)?

That. Yeah, THAT.

This is an offense against everything I believe in. There is no way that anyone on this earth - any other mortal human being - has been put here in order to be the gatekeeper to my own moral and ethical beliefs; I will not be "converted" to the "right" point of view if I am treated like a sub-human with no rights until I do. Trust me on this. Trust me very much. And doctors, denying a dying patient the succour of having somebody she loved beside her bed as her life slipped away - that is just - that is beyond - that makes me incoherent. That a judge subsequently rules that they were *right to do so* boggles my mind completely.

For the love of that God in whom you so piously profess to believe, people. One of the most powerful commandments was "love one another". IT WAS NOT SPECIFIED HOW, OR WHO. If there is love - if there are legal documents, ferchrissakes, proving a relationship - listen up, people, it is not up to you to sit in judgment. It is simply not. Go away and pray away the sins that you feel clinging to you, yea verily, for even gazing upon a woman who is not as you are - but do it in private, and in the meantime stop being a sanctimonious prig. God does not like those. Really. You might be surprised one day at the Pearly Gates to have this day thrown at you - because you cannot enter Heaven if you have no compassion in your soul.

Nicola Griffith calls on people to take action.

There's a Washington referendum coming up. I intend to vote in it.

If you live in WA, or know someone who does, let them know about that referendum. Let them vote in it too.

Let nobody ever die alone again because their love was given to somebody of whom their doctors did not aprove.
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