anghara (anghara) wrote,

I just spent a lot of money...

Travel arrangements.

Lunacon in New Jersey (with a side trip to NYC to visit with various editors and my agent), in March, airfares and accomodation, check.

Wiscon in Wisconsin, in May, airfares and accomodation, check.

LACon in California, in August, airfares and accomodation, check.

Hsven't done anything about WFC in Austin yet, travel or hotel, but that's in November and I should be OK for a while. And in between, in September, there's our Alaska trip - not paid for yet, but booked, and will need to be paid for in June, which in itself is lotsa moolah but will be worth every cent, so we're being repeatedly told by Everyone (and I ALWAYS believe Everyone...Everyone always knows best...)

It won't be quite as expensive a travel year as 2005 was, but it isn't gonna be a cheap one, either. I'd better get a move on writing that next book...
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