anghara (anghara) wrote,

Apparently I can sleep through anything.

Went out to talk to a neighbour this morning, found her talking to the other neighbour from across the street, and they both greeted me and rdeck with, "So, did you sleep last night?"

Mystified, we both said yes.

Here's why they asked, though. At approximately 2 AM, some dweeb took the little bridge just a couple of lots away from us (visible from my front yard, easily) far too fast. The car took out a fire hydrant, and crashed into the yard of the house right next to the bridge, where one and possibly two occupants of said car actually DIED ON THE SCENE. We have been informed by two witnesses that there were no less than five emergency vehicles - police, ambulance - parked along our road, RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE.

My husband and I slept through the whole thing.

If the cats were paying attention, I don't know - if they made any noise at all, I slept through THAT.

Apparently that's what having about 3-4 hours sleep in 36 hours, and excessive stress, does to me. I SLEEP.

We didn't go to BED until sometime around 11:30. The accident apparently happened just two hours or so after that. And we were sleeping hard enough not to realise anything was wrong.

If the damned thing had started a forest fire, I hope someone would have come to bang on our door. Because we would have blissfully slept while we fried.

Still astonished.

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