anghara (anghara) wrote,

Health care "reform"

A Wall Street Journal article expounds on what's been going on these days. It's six of one, half a dozen of the other, and it STILL comes out of the gate with the supposition that *47 million people do not have health insurance because they just plumb don't want to* and making such people buy such insurance, by fiat, will somehow magically fix things - and if they DON'T buy it, then they get hit with stiff penalties, they're talking of anything between $750 - $950 a year.

Let me reiterate, once more, for the deaf and the unfeeling: those people who can't afford to buy insurance are probably unlikely to be able to afford your fines.

You've just made life a lot worse for a WHOLE HEAP of folks. Oh, and here's the Idiot Quote of the day:

"insurers are raising warning flags, saying that a smaller number of people in the insurance rolls will raise costs throughout the health sector. Robert Zirkelbach, a spokesman for the America's Health Insurance Plans, or AHIP, trade group, said that it "increases the likelihood that premiums are going to increase for current policyholders."

Oh, and they WEREN'T going to go up? Oh, REALLY? Oh, you WEREN'T about to stick me with a 20% increase, like you did last year, without any health care reform rumblings at all back then? What's the increase going to be this year, then - 150%? Because I'll drop it, if it does. I'll have to. I am not able to pay $300 a month for health insurance that's comprehensive, never mind the catastrophic high-deductible version I've got now. And no, not because I want to make a political statement. I would LOVE to have insurance. But see - here - stone - squeeze that, really hard. When you see blood start coming out of that, I'll be able to afford to buy health insurance coverage at the rates which are apparently being mooted. Until then, I suppose you'll have to start squeezing this other rock. For the fines.


I'll take what the COngresscritters have. I'll take THAT option. How's that? I'm MORE than willing to scramble if I have to, in order to pay what they pay to get what they get. I'm not sure what some of them were elected FOR but I'm perfectly certain it wasn't so that they could have perfect health insurance for pennies on the dollar while throwing those who voted for them under the insurance juggernaut bus.
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