anghara (anghara) wrote,

We hates them my preciousssss...

From Langford's "Ansible", which arrived in my inbox today and rendered me sputteringly speechless for a good chunk of time (emphasis mine):

" The Tolkien Trust/New Line Cinema lawsuit for non-payment
of royalties has been settled on deeply confidential terms. Everyone
claims to be happy, and the planned films of _The Hobbit_ can go ahead.
The Warner Bros president/CEO thanked the unsung little people, saying
that Warner 'deeply valued the contribution of the Tolkien novels to the
success of our films ...'
(_Guardian_) [JS]"


Go stand in the corner, you ungrateful philistines. You WRECKED "Lord of the Rings" for me (oh, please don't start me up with "it's different media" - I know that - I was neither wanting nor expecting TOm Bombadil onscreen, but what I DID want, and what WAS possible, was an interpretation that was true to the books and your movies were not. You showed no comprehension of the Elves and what and who they were, you ruined Aragorn (no, it doesn't excuse all if he is played by Viggo Mortensen), you arbitrarily added/deleted/changed around things to match your OWN vision of things (What the hell was that scene with Frodo offering the ring to the Ringwraith riding the flying velociraptor in Osgiliath all about?...)- but if the books were not filmable the option was not to film them and come up with your own fantasy story rather than slap the hallowed LOTR on the movies and throw a lot of money at them and make it all look pretty and then expect people who actually know and love the books to basically choke it down...) and then you have the unmitigated gall to thank the books for the success of YOUR FILMS???

[grinds teeth]


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