anghara (anghara) wrote,

Headaches and blue butterflies

Yesterday was cancelled due to a complete lack of ability to cope with it. I got one of my "tunnel vision" warning signs, a blacking out of my peripheral vision, sometime around 2 AM on the night of the 14th - I tried to see the alarm clock, couldn't, thought something was in the way, it wasn't, and I went straight out and swallowed a large dose of aspirin in order to try and intercept the incipient migraine off before it really hit. I kind of half succeeded - I didn't get the full-blown three-day event, but I did spend most of yesterday in bed with the covers over my head because the light hurt my eyes. I'm better now but I still have a residue of it, a sort of achy woollineess in my brain. Bleagh. I haven't had a migraine for nearly ten years. I could have lived without having another one again, ever.

To add insult to injury, Sunday was the only semo-bright day - with even some sunshine - in a month of rain. I could have taken my new camera out. I could have gone for a walk. I could have, I could have... but the only day that I could have, the light hurt my freaking eyes. Double bleagh.

And now it's raining again, with a passion. In fact, the satellite picture is rather beautiful in a kind of blue and dangerous way:

We're under the butterfly. And my head still hurts.

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