anghara (anghara) wrote,

Yes, I know. It's bad form to talk about Christmas before Halloween.

But here's something to think about, if you know a teen who likes to read:

These are probably two paperbacks plus the new HC edition of "Cybermage", which only comes out in paperback in the spring.

If you order these as a set, and email me your snailmail address, I'll be happy to send you personalised signed bookplates which you can stick in the books to stick under someone's Christmas tree.

If you prefer a full set of first edition hardcovers, I still have a few full sets available for sale - signed, of course, directly from me That's three first edition hardcovers, for $50 (that includes handling and postage, in the USA or in Canada. Sorry, those from further away, you might find it more worth it to stick with the bookplates...) If you want these, put in a word early, cos they'll probably be sent book mail (i.e. the slooooow way...)

Comments are screened, in case you want to leave an email or an addy, or else send me a private message via LJ with your details.

Back to the new book, now....
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