anghara (anghara) wrote,

New Project News

I somehow find myself... at 56 941 words in the new book.

And I am not even halfway (you figured that, didn't you...)

I find myself vaguely... astonished.

And apparently... prey to random ellipses.

I think I ended up writing well over 5000 words today, and finished up an important section of this book. Tomorrow - onwards and upwards. Next section is a link-section, and as such an inherently shorter one than the main chunks of narrative. I may get that done this week, all going well. Then I have to tackle the next big chunk of narrative, and that should take me halfway into the novel. Right now, I'm estimating a book of... oh... maybe 120 000 - 130 000 words.

We shall see.

This week shall be dedicated to trying to push to the halfway mark. I'll be very happy if I manage that.
Tags: writing, writing life
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