anghara (anghara) wrote,

Things done today

- went for a walk around the Little Lake today - at a brisk pace it takes me about 45 minutes to do the round trip, but rdeck still has trouble with certain kinds of slopes and anyway has to be careful on uneven gravelly paths - so it took the two of us about an hour to go about 2/3 of the way, and then I went and got the car and picked him up and all was good. On the way we learned that eagles nest there in early spring (which I didn't know and have to go investigate) and we also realised that the lake was AWFULLY low - the lowest I've ever seen it. Also, in my, oh, six and half years in the Pacific Northwest - today was the first time I actually picked and ate a ripe Pacific Northwest blackberry off the vine. There seemed to be a fair number of those out here. At my house, I've never even seen a ripe one - the deer and the birds get 'em all before they have a chance...

- wrote the next essay for StorytellersUnplugged, due to go live on the 30th, and it's up and queued at the site. Keep an eye out in a few days.

- figured out a sticky plot point in New Novel - which meant going back a little way and rewriting a small section of the current chapter, but it'll be the better for it. It wasn't working before, is now. It meant killing a darling. Oh well. That's the writing life.

- got mail (more bills).

- off to feed a friend's cat in a little while, which cat I am catsitting while said friend is away for a few days gallivanting.

- my chipmunk is back, right outside my back door, being cheeky and faster-than-lightning, racing up and down the patio, pouncing on spilled seed and nibbling on it in a most endearing fashion. He is so CUTE. The cats think he is the Devil.

- the leaves are starting to turn; the sun is still out. One of my favourite times of year, this - the still and quiet autumn days with the chill in the air in the morning and the evening and a layer of left-over summer warmth still lying over it all, not hot enough to be obnoxious, warm enough to be pleasant. And the touch of gold in the maples just makes my heart happy.

Off to do few more chores before I go feed the cat. Y'all enjoy your day.

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