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I hate to put it like this, but - well - wingnuts 1, science 0, once again - It's hard not to come to that conclusion, knowing that the movie "Creation", about Charles Darwin and the writing of the "Origin of Species", has been deemed to be "too controversial" to be released in the States.

Here's a trailer:

*I* want to see this. Whatever else I may or may not believe, one thing is for certain - I do NOT believe that it is the role of religious fundamentalists to prevent me from seeing this movie. If I don't meddle in their matters of spirit, they should stay the hell out of my mind - the mind that *GOD GAVE ME TO THINK WITH*. They don't have to go to the cinema if they don't choose to. But sitting there waving their crosses and preventing ME from doing so... it's making me furious.

Tags: annoying things about the world
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