anghara (anghara) wrote,

Dates and anniversaries

Today is the proverbial Friday the 13th - with two (mostly) black cats in the house who cross my path on an hourly and not daily basis, it would probably have been prudent not to have gotten out of bed at all. But hey, like they say, in for a penny...

Actually, Fridays have been pretty good to me. I was born on a Friday, for that matter. I like Fridays. Perhaps my favourite day of the week, Fridays. WHy? For various nebulous reasons - it's the end of the actual working week (although I don't WORK, per se, not in a structured office type of situation, but it would be the end of the actual working week if I WERE working, if you know what I mean), it's the kind of day you can throw in your towel at the end of and say, right, tomorrow is MINE. It's the kind of day where you actually actively know that something has concluded and something else has begun. I don't know why that should matter to me since (as a good friend commented when he and his SO were staying here a while ago) technically every day in this house is Sunday if I choose it to be. But Fridays, now - I'm a Friday's child, after all, and I guess it does matter [grin]

Ad for the the 13th... well... I got married on July 13 2000, so technically today is my five-and-half-year-semianniversary, as it were. So even if it DOES fall on a Friday, the 13th is special. And in another anniversary which slipped by almost unnoticed - today marks a full year of my Becoming American. I got my Certificate of Citizenship on a cold and icy day in January, precisely a year ago today.

So, then. Today.

I haven't really done anything constructive... yet. I wrote a long overdue review for SFSite and sent it in, if you want to count that, but other than that I've been catching up with paying bills (why is it that insurance costs so much, seeing as you're paying it in the hope that it never actually kicks in and if it does you only get to pay more because they jack up the premiums as though any disaster were your fault and isn't that what you were paying insurance for in the first place and yeah I'm incoherent but insurance is actually an industry that renders me incoherent on a regular basis...) and stuff like that. I have this forlorn To Do list hanging on my wall which keeps on getting overtaken by events, and it has things on it I should have taken care of weeks ago, but... [sigh]... so much for every day being Sunday in this house.

GOing upstairs now for my third cup of coffee for the day (rdeck would say that's far too much, and he made an 8-cup pot of coffee this morning and where did it all go...? But it's my fuel...) And then, maybe, I might tackle the beginning of Chapter 2. Let's see how it goes. It IS Friday the 13th, after all [grin]

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