anghara (anghara) wrote,

Well that was Valhallacon the First...

... it feels like a CheatCon, in a way, because it was right here and we drove back and forth, going HOME to sleep as opposed to hotelling it... and because it was a small and relatively local convention it felt more like an extended party with interesting party games (panels) than an actual convention. But it was a good con, with some good panels, and we had fun. Quote of the con, GoH Nancy Kress on the craft of writing: "To be a good writer you really should connect to your inner Nazi" - in some ways, unavoidable, as you inevitably put your characters through the sort of hell that will make their story interesting to readers... and csinman's panel on social cartooning was probably the most fun I've had at a con in the last year.

Culmination of con: party at Michael's Books in downtown Bellingham, the place which (jointly with Henderson's across the street) made us decide that this would be a place worth living in when we first visited the place. Needless to say, new books were acquired there. I got some really good reference material which WILL come in useful... eventually... and anyway Michael (of Michael's Books) makes a mean hot mulled spiced cider, so all is good.

Home now. It's RAINING. The weather forecast sites on the Web say "light rain" but ye gods it's burbling in the gutters and if this is light rain I hate to think what the local weather people call a downpour. But anyway - off to bed soon, and tomorrow (holiday? what holiday?) it's back to work on the New Novel.

There are a bunch of chores I need to catch up with, but tomorrow nobody ELSE is working, so I can't waste time doing that. And anyway - what with the Philly wedding last weekend and this con THIS weekend I have lots of writing to catch up on, so hoping to bag a couple thousand words tomorrow on that account. Will report.

It's RAINING. It's really REALLY raining. Wow. we haven't had this much water around here since the snows melted.

Welcome, Fall...

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