anghara (anghara) wrote,

Cosmic eggs

Don't ask me. My backbrain is a weird place.

Don't remember the context, other than I had a vague sense of being back at Launchpad, or the rest of the dream - but there was prof_brotherton out in front, with a bunch of coloured Easter eggs floating in a container of water, using them to explain some complicated cosmological concept - and then he picked up a dark-blue egg, cracked it against the edge of a desk, and then broke it open with one hand like a chef would when he's making an omelette.

Out poured a darkness glittering with specks of starlit sparkle - not so much egg white as egg *night* - and a perfect spiral galaxy as the yolk.

Cosmic egg and bacon for breakfast, anyone...?
Tags: amazing and amusing stuff, dreams

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