anghara (anghara) wrote,

Je me souviens

I noticed that on the Quebec registration plates on cars passing my airport shuttle bus on the way from the airport to downtown. Je me souviens - I remember. And oh my, how the French is coming back to me. There is just something so irresistibly Gallic in a shop sign that informs one, "Nous sommes desoles, nous sommes ferme"(Forgive the lack of accents...) Most English stores will post hours of operation, without commentary; those that add "sorry, we are closed" - well - it just isn't the same thing as "nous sommes desoles". I love this city already.

Met a bunch of familiar faces while on a wild goose chase for my badge (they said was going to be HERE - *X marks the spot* - but when I got to X they said go back to the beginning, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, your badge is back downstairs two floors down..." But we got there in the end, and all is well. My hotel is literally across the street from the Palais - I can see it from my window, which is good for dashing back and forth if I need to.

Got my schedule, planned a bunch of social stuff around it, the next three days are going to be busy and full. Blogging shall be intermittent, subject to the ANNOYING internet connection in the hotel (for the longest time it didn't like me at all despite the correct identifying info, and now it's slow as molasses). For now, all I can tell you is I've a signing tomorrow at 10 - together with Connie Willis and S M Stirling. Guess who's going to be the wallflower. If you're around and don't have anything better to do (HAH. As if. At a Worldcon.) do come by and at least say hello, even if you didn't cart books all the way to Canada. I WILL have bookplates, plenty of them, so if you own one of my books but don't have it handy you can still get it signed if you like.... Then I have a lunch date, then I am going go and see what lurks in the workshop on creating alien languages, then I have a bit of a break, then I am going on a walking tour of Old Montreal in the evening, ghost-hunting. Yes, really. I will report on that later.

I'll check in again tomorrow after a few panels to let people know where I'll be at. I know that several people I know are staying in the same hotel as me (Hi Charlie! Hi Jay!) but it's far too late to try and chase them up - they're either at the Delta hotel whooping it up at some party or they're catching a bit of shut eye before everything hits high gear tomorrow. So. Quiet night for me, and then, tomorrow, we will sally forth and conquer Montreal.

Je me souviens.
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