anghara (anghara) wrote,

Just a reminder, before I sail off to Darkest Canada -

Here's where you will be able to find me at Worldcon (I may update this information with changes, but this would be the core info):

When: Thu 12:30
Title: Author Reading
All Participants: Jenny Rae Rappaport, Alma Alexander

When: Fri 10:00
Location: P-Autographs
Title: Alma Alexander Signing
Duration: 0:30 hrs:min

When: Sat 15:30
Location: P-521B
Title: Alma Alexander
Description: A chance to ask those burning questions.
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Track: Kaffeeklatsch
Please do come and visit with me at the Kaffeeklatsch! I think I may even have a doorprize...

When: Sat 17:00
Location: P-512CG
Title: Would it Really Help to Get Rid of those Nasty Rough Men?
All Participants: John Kessel, Margaret McBride, Alma Alexander,
Shirley Meier
Moderator: John Kessel
Description: The pros and cons of a single sexed world.
Duration: 1:30 hrs:min

When: Sun 12:30
Location: P-524A
Title: First Contact: Creating History
All Participants: Carl Fink, Cary A. Conder, Daniel Grotta, James
Nelson-Lucas, John G. McDaid, Lev Grossman, Lynn E Cohen Koehler, Mary
Ann Melton, Mur Lafferty, Alma Alexander
Moderator: Lynn E Cohen Koehler
Description: How would you want to remember and record history? Is
traditional journalism obsolete? Explore new media options to record
history; bring your favorite media.
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Language: Bilingual
(Bilingual? I wonder how much of rapid-fire French I'll be able to understand... but after being on a panel which was being translated in Japanese at the Japan WOrldcon, this should be a walk in the park...)

When: Sun 14:00
Location: P-513B
Title: First Contact: Changes
All Participants: julie c andrijeski, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Sherwood
Smith, Alma Alexander
Moderator: julie c andrijeski
Description: We'd all like to make the world a better place, but how?
Are you a catalyst? What is? But, what's good about now? What's coming
next? How would finding aliens change.... everything?
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min

I've already got some of my meals and/or other "free time" kind of spoken for - but if you want to make a plan to touch base email me before I leave (i.e. TODAY) or else voodoo me at the con itself and we'll see what we can do...

Hope to see many of you there!
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