anghara (anghara) wrote,

I am boggled.

Just leafing through some old stuff unearthed through rdeck's housecleaning spurt and subsequent eviction of some of my old files from shelves HE wishes to use. I discovered an old theatre programme I had kept for lo these many years now - from the Stratfort ROyal Shakespeare theatre production of Antony and Cleopatra which my Welsh school took us to see when I was fifteen years old.

I remember that production - I thought I remembered it vividly. I remember it because Glenda Jackson was Cleopatra, and I remember her walking out onto the stage wearing nothing but a cream-coloured plain shift, no black wig with bangs and cobras twined about her brow, no kohl makeup, in fact barely any make up at all - just a plain Englishwoman with short reddish hair and pale freckled face... and she was Cleopatra. Yes, just like that. That was the power of presence. I remember that. I remember it VIVIDLY.

But this afternoon I was looking at the programme, and at the cast list, at the REST of the cast list.

And you could have knocked me down with a feather.

That cast also included Patrick Stewart... and Alan Rickman.

I do not remember them at all.

Ye gods and little fishes. I SAW ALAN RICKMAN ON STAGE AND I DO NOT REMEMBER IT?!?!?

Who's got a time machine? I need to go baaaaaack....

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