anghara (anghara) wrote,

Got some time to waste?

Go take a look at this. Mouse over each figure to get a name - most of them are clickable links which lead to more info and not only the humans are tagged - I direct your attention to the orange cat on the shelf next to the TV on the far left of the picture. And please notice that you can scroll down and right - there are LOTS of people in this image. Let's just say that I really don't want to be anywhere near the intense conversation going on between Karl Marx and Nietzche... (see how many people you can recognise before you identify them - some of them are utterly esoteric in the sense of "Who the heck's THIS?!?" but others are mind boggling in that you think, "What the blazes is THIS particular entity doing in here...?" - Again, some are ambiguous. One that made me laugh was the guy holding the halter on the camel - do go mouse over him... [grin])

Good bye. See you in a couple of hours...

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