anghara (anghara) wrote,

More clearing of decks

We decided to rearrange out filing cabinets. This, in practice, means going through the stuff already in the said filing cabinets, filed all higgledy piggledy over the years, much of it in folders marked "Misc" (if you ever have the urge to label a folder that, please go away and lie down until the urge goes away. You'll thank me for this later.) Most of the stuff in question is material laboriously collected by rdeck over years - over decades! - on topics that interested him such as aviation and environment, all of it on yellowing newsprint, all fo it dated, some of it of interest or indeed a subject of deep fascination because it's a record of how much thinking has changed over time. Some of it is just plain hilarious, of course. Some of it is sentimental. Most of it is winding up in the rubbish bin at the moment, sadly. A lot of it has been superseded by new developments, and most of the rest is available via Google these days if required at all which (for some of this material) requires a considerable suspension of disbelief. For example, there's the manual for marine hurricane preparedness, telling boat owners what to do in the face of an impending storm - but as far as I know rdeck has NEVER owned a boat of any description...

However, there were a bunch of empty folders in there which made me really stop and think (by the waym at least one of the empty ones was marked "misc" - it's a disease...) There was one, in particular, now empty, with the cryptic word "Future" written on the tab.

I never knew my husband was a clairvoyant. More to the point, the folder is EMPTY. Is it all over? Should I go out and stand on the nearest crossroads with a sandwich board proclaiming that the world will end on Sunday at 2 PM?

Should I write my next book at all or tell my editors that all deadlines have just ceased to matter? [grin]

For that matter, should I write a book about an empty manila folder labelled "future"...?

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