anghara (anghara) wrote,


Recent candidates for Idiot of the Week (and it's only Monday!):

1) Email whose return address is (Say what? Hoax? REALLY?...)

2) SUBJECT LINE: Pimp Your Health (the mind reels in a number of unpleasant directions...)

3) SUBJECT LINE: Be Mr. Irresisible (Hey, dummies, I'm a fricking GIRL)

4) SUBJECT LINE: Choose a Golden Soulmate with a Ticking Heart (er... whut? I mean, there's a story in here somewhere. Hiding. Burrowed down deep.)

5) SUBJECT LINE: Microword Corporation (Close, but no cigar, folks)

6) SUBJECT LINE: Looking and Feeling Fresh Is More Real than Ever (That's cos I was really wilted over the weekend, yanno.)

And that's just a smattering from the 100-odd (some very odd) spams caught in my filters today. I blew them all away. I just thought I'd, you know, SHARE. In case you don't have any current gems of your own...
Tags: spam idiots

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