anghara (anghara) wrote,

Recipe: Cesnica

Pronounce that roughly like "Chess-nitsa".

There's two recipes, really - the out-and-out traditional one and the one for which you go and get store-bought phyllo pastry. If you want the traditional pastry, you need:

1kg white flour
3 tablespoons (softened) butter
a pinch of salt
about 500ml warm water

you cut up two tablespoons' worth of butter into the flour, put in your pinch of salt, and then knead first in a bowl and then on a countertop board until the pastry starts to fall off your fingers. Divide it into three equal balls.

NOW you need
150g raisins
200g ground walnuts
150g white sugar
2 packets of vanilla sugar (or use vanilla essence)

If you bought the phyllo pastry, what you do is you layer about two sheets at a time. If you've made the dough, then you roll out the first ball of dough until it's about the thickness of a knife-edge, and then cut it as many parts as will completely cover the bottom of a large cake pan. Repeat process as needed for the other two balls of dough. Lay the first layer of dough down into the bottom of the pan, and then - whichever pastry you've got - you do this:

drizzle the pastry using the remaining spoonful of melted butter.
sprinkle on some raisins
vanilla sugar or vanilla essence

cover with another layer of pastry.


somewhere in here you toss in your coin, over your shoulder, and then cover that layer with another pastry layer before you see where it landed. Then carry on layering. The top layer of pastry is not drizzled with anything, but only brushed with a thin glaze of beaten egg yolk. Bake until nicely golden brown.

In the meantime, heat one cup of honey until it's piping hot and liquid. When you take the cake out of the oven, pour the hot honey over it while still in the pan before you cut it, and let sit until the honey has had a chance to absorb in. Then cut the thing out from the pan leaving behind the baked-on edges, and serve it cut into squares - the size pan we use usually delivers about a dozen good-sized squares. DOn't make them too big, this is RICH.

WHoever finds the coin (oh, be CAREFUL! nibble, don't sink your teeth in and rip in like a lion into flesh...) will have good luck and happiness all year, and then the head of the house has to "buy it back" for a nominal sum so that the coin stays in the family for next year's cesnica.


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