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Book and reading meme of sorts... seen in intertext and oursin - think of it as a mini interview if you like, for those who are interested in that sort of thing.

1) The worst reading experience that you have ever had?
Possibly Thomas Covenant. I really do still remember the awful taste that thing left in my mouth.

2) The best reading experience you have ever had?
"Lord of the Rings" has to be in there somewhere, so has "Les Miserables", but I'll still go with "Tigana". That book touched the deepest heart of me.

3) Which book has affected or influenced you the most so far?
Again, "Lord of the Rings" has to be right up there near the top. But perhaps I'll have to go with... poetry. Not anything spectacularly specific, but I've been reading the stuff since I was a very little child, and it's formed my vocabulary and my writing style.

4) Have you ever read a book that you got really scared of?
"pet Sematary" creeped me out royally.

5) What do you use as a bookmark?
Whatever's handy - shopping receipt, boarding pass stub, business card, even (occasionally) a REAL bookmark...

6) When do you usually read? At home, work, while cooking, in the morning, noon, afternoon, before you go to bed...?
Anywhere, anytime. (But I am not a read-before-bed person. I don't take books to bed. I don't want to "read to fall asleep". I want to read when I'm awake. Thank you.)

7) Do you remember the first book that you read?
"Heidi". It was the book on which I LEARNED to read.

8) Which do you prefer - paperback or hardcover?
As a reader, paperback (easier on the wrists). As a writer... well, what do YOU think? [grin]

9) What are you currently reading? What page are you on?
A MS I am working on. The page varies.

10) Do you ever leave "a mark" (deliberate and/or not deliberate) in your books? For example, write in them, underline quotes, coffeemarks or food crumbs and etc.
No... but I do own one such book, where my grandfather annotated and commented on his favourite essayist and poet. The irony is that I myself would never do such a thing... but these scribbled pencilled notes in the margins of this old book are a treasured connection to my now long-vanished and dearly loved Grandpa. I pick up that book and it's as though he is talking to me. All I can tell you is that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds...

11) Does the title, amount of pages and the cover affect you when you are considering a specific book?
I'd love to be lofty and say not at all but of COURSE a cover will influence me, or a title might intrigue me. Number of pages... not so much, except that I might think a book might look to be too slight for my tastes.

12) Do you ever browse through to the last pages in order find out the ending?
If I am tempted to do so, then I am bored by the book... which is NOT a good thing...

13) Has knowing the ending of a book (example, through spoilers or a movie) ever made you decide whether you will read the book or not?

14) Is there a book that you have read more than five times?
Quite a few...

15) Have you ever been in an accident where the book was the cause? (for example, almost getting hit by a car when reading while walking, or having stacks of books falling on you from a bookshelf...)
Nothing more than the occasional paper cut, no.

16) Do you sell/give away your books or do you keep them, even though you don't like one of them?
I keep most of them. There are some that I KNOW I will never read again which I give away with a clean conscience. But most of them, once they have come past the event horizon of my personal library, STAY in my own little personal universe...

17) Do you have some kind of book system, where you write down what you are reading, have bought, will read, will buy and etc?
In a nutshell... no. Reading and writing both have always been, for me, entirely organic experiences. I don't outline when I write, I don't catalogue and list and organize and annotate what I read. I do both for love, and for sheer pleasure - and making lists does not give me pleasure. So I am a Free Reader. No system. No rules.</b>

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