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...this video might weird you out. Just a little.

But just so as you know, horoscopes undermine what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross.

They are evil forbidden knowledge, and they should be shunned.

We should all have blind faith, like a child, and basically... oh... I don't know.

You listen. You figure it out.

Look, I don't live my life according to the Sunday papers' horoscope section. I take it as seriously as it should be taken, under those circumstances. Sometimes it makes me laugh. Sometimes circumstances conspire so that it's eerily accurate. But dear God, SEVEN MINUTES OF TWITTERING ABOUT WHY THE ONLY TRUE SUPERSTITION IS JESUS CHRIST?!? And with a subtext that makes me want to snarl - does Christianity REALLY mean that knowledge, ANY knowledge, is to be abandoned by the wayside while you wander down the road with your arms raised and a blank beatific smile on your face singing hallelujah (and I don't mean the Leonard Cohen version)?

I have no problem with faith. There are certain things that certain people want to, and need to, believe in, in order to make their lives on this earth more bearable or easier to (at least apparently) understand, in order to find meaning in a meaningless world, in order to have someone to praise or to blame if things go spectacularly well or ill. That's all between the faithful and their deity of choice.

It's when the religion goes all out to advocate ignorance as the only true state of bliss, and is put out thereas the Only True Way, and, well, I am probably going to Hell just for saying ANY of this out loud...

Zealotry of any stripe makes me uneasy. And this... this is zealotry.

Live and let live, people. If someone wants to read what Cancer or Capricorn should do this weekend, it's no skin of a Christian's nose. Really.


(and yes, I'm ALMOST done with the Big Edit. Why do you ask...?)

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