anghara (anghara) wrote,

Dream memory... weird.

I woke from mine this morning with just streamers and snatches, nothing coherent that I could remember at all, except... the light

You know the kind of light I mean, even though I will be completely inarticulate in describing it. The kind of heavy golden yellow light that weighs on everything, and the sky behind it is black with storm clouds, and everything pops against that dark background bathed in this light of angry angels. All I really remember from the dream is that I was at a lake's edge, and this light was spilling on the water and the trees. And there were critters in the lake and on the shore - things that looked like mallards (but were weirdly coloured because of the odd light) and... and a slew of beavers. Don't ask. It was a dream.

But the light - the light was with me when I woke.

I typed "Storm light" into Google with no real idea of what I would find, and indeed there is a lot of stuff that is irrelevant, but a few of the images Google produced came reasonably close. Here's a couple:

And now I must put aside dream-stuff, and bury my hands up to the elbows in reality. I have QUITE a bit of work to do today.
Tags: dreams

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