anghara (anghara) wrote,

That wuz Saturday (almost)

Woke up - breakfast at something like quarter to nine with Mr and Mrs swordsmithlrg - attended a panel of interest oat 10 AM and another at 11 AM, and then hit my own first panel at 12 noon ("Gender balance in fantasy"). Not only my first panel, but I was moderating it. Went well. Next panel straight after that, "Sports and Fantasy" - it was entertaining, as I thought it was going to be. Then I grabbed an hour in the Green Room where I wound up discussing moderation of panels, the DOs and the DON'Ts of it, with the entire Hoyt family - the conversation eventually veered into poly-lingualism and accents and whatnot but then I had to pull up sticks and disappear right smart because my own next panel was coming up at 3 PM, "Middle Grade Fantasy". It was another I was set up on as moderator. It was instructive in a lot of ways, especially given that the panel consisted of two writers, a librarian, an agent (who is also a writer), and a publisher, so we had all sorts of perspectives tossed into the ring. Straight from that into "Revisionist Fairy Tales and Other Retellings", a fun lively panel, and then I went out to dinner with jpsorrow, scbutler, clarkesworld,ktempest and other folks, many of whom kept on popping into the same restaurant that we were in, in a kind of micro-con replay, with comments of "the fan section is over here" being bandied about. We ate, we talked, we laughed, we returned to the hotel, am about to go hit a party and then head for bed.

Two minor programming items tomorrow, and lunch with a friend, and then that's it for the con. All that's left is mopping up and getting ready for the travel day on Monday.

I'm STILL working on that story I want to get done this weekend. It will probably get finished tomorrow.

Off to the party now. Later, LJ.

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