anghara (anghara) wrote,

After a couple of frantic busy New York days...

...during which I had a meeting with my agent, then a nice long lunch with her, then a presentation to a teen advisory group at an uptown branch of the NYPL (I showed the kids a Nikola Tesla video which kept on stopping to continue loading so I constantly cut in and ad-libbed wildly while the video was doing its thing which was both fun and exhausting...), then going out to my first KGB Reading (crowded, busy, but with a startling number of familiar faces) followed by a dinner at a Szechuan restaurant and then dessert from the apparently (and not without merit, I might add) famous Dessert Truck, a vehicle parked by the roadside which doles out a particularly nice pot of creme brulee - all that on Wednesday, by the way, I hit the ground running and didn't stop until late that night - and then, Thursday, meeting at Harper Collins and then catching the train up to Rye and the Lunacon hotel.

I was guested in New York at maryrobinette's fabulous apartment, and lovingly adopted by her cats who made sure that I didn't have time or opportunity to miss mine for too long before a cat head would be butted under my hand and a purr would instruct me that if I couldn't be with the cats I loved I could just, you know, love the cats I was with, so I did, copiously. My hostess can also claim the credit for a first - this was the first time I braved the New York subway, which was all very nice and simple trotting after an experienced guide who knows what she's doing. Thank you, Mary (and congratulations on the news that came a day too late for me to be there to squeal about it with you on the spot...)

Con starts tomorrow. I have three days of panels and readings and signings oh my, and then I have another full day of travel to get back home again. Internet connectivity (obviously) is being had, so I shall be checking in regularly - but I'll probably be running around being busy over the next few days, so expect blogs when you see them - especially given that I've written half a short story on the plane on the way over to this coast and I'd like to have it done by the time I get back to the continent's western edge again.

There are a few people whom I was hoping to run into here who aren't going to be here, for various good reasons, and I'll miss them. But here's hoping that it's a good con, and I'll keep y'all updated as things develop.

Think I'll work a bit on my story and then turn in. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day.

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