anghara (anghara) wrote,

Oh, I never tire of this...

I stumbled upon THIS clip quite by accident and was totally blown away by the fact that this particular piece of musical theatre works so well in so mindbogglingly many languages:

...but then they ended up with "One more day", and MAN, I remember the first time I saw that in a theatre, half the audience was about ready to scramble up over their seats and join the barricades on stage. They used that song to unexpectedly good effect in the run-up to the election (the "One more day" set in a campaign headquarters for Obama, I posted a link to it here at the time) - but this second clip, this is a new one for me:

And here's another - it won't let me embed it but I hope that this gets you there.

Amazing stuff. "Les Miz" the musical - I've seen it on the London stage six times now. And if I ever get another change, you bet your bottom dollar I'll be there again.
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