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Realms of Fantasy - mag quondam, mag futurus!

I hear that there is a resurrection in the works. This is pretty cool news.

The issue-that-was-to-have-been-the-last is out now (although I haven't, myself, been able to put my mitts on a physical copy yet) - and it contains a review of "Cybermage", by our own oneminutemonkey who has graciously allowed me to repost it here for others who may have the same problem as me in the getting hold of the actual magazine:

" Thea has finally come into her own as an elemental mage and world
weaver - not bad for a girl formerly lacking in magic. For the time being,
she’s still stuck at the Wandless Academy until she masters her
abilities. Then she’s called in to help with the mystery of a strange
white cube, which leads into an epic quest that spans multiple worlds and
times in order to restore the power of the greatest mage the world has ever
known. Once again, she’ll have to face off against the enigmatic Alphiri
and the cunning Coyote, with more at stake than ever before. She’ll need
all of her wits and powers, as well as her friends, to solve this problem.
With its unique blend of alternate history, oddball magic theory, memorable
characters, and a fascinating plotline, Cybermage is a satisfying
conclusion to the Worldweavers trilogy. I hope the author returns to this
setting someday. "

(Re. that last... there is, of course, an idea... but it's all very nebulous at the moment, more later when it coalesces into something solid... But in the meantime, nice review, that - and from now on these are my BOoks of Oddball Magic Theory. That has a lovely ring to it [grin])
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