anghara (anghara) wrote,

I was pretty damn good in December

...writing in here almost every day... (what the heck happened on the 6th? did I get distracted...?) and the first thing I do in the new year is fall by the wayside. Oh well.

Lessee, in order. I futzed around with the old laptop some more, and Dad will be able to plug it in and hopefully get going with it sometime next week. This should be interesting, for a dyed-in-the-wool Luddite. I anticipate lots of panicked "What'd I *DO*???" phone calls. Sigh. The things we do.

We went in yesterday to talk to the travel agent and the upshot is that we are GOING TO ALASKA this year. In September. More or less straight after WOrldcon. We're taking a cruise up the Inside Passage, and then we have an excursion into Denali National Park, and then we fly home. We are told that it's too late to expect to see any actual wildlife, but I"m hoping for SOME nice weather so I can put my new camera to work taking shots of Mount McKinley and the glaciers along the way - and we're also informed that by this stage the birches should be wearing their fall foliage which should make for some wonderful photo-ops. Can't wait.

Cons this year (none of them fully arranged and put away yet - some have hotel bookings, some have air bookings, some none, we're WORKING on it, okay?) - two of them are up on my website, Wiscon and WOrldcon in LA. I'm also attending WFC this year in Texas, and possibly Lunacon in New Jersey in March, confirmation pending. That's it so far. I'd really like to keep this year a little more lowe-key than last year, I overextended myself woefully in 2005 and I desperately need time in 2006 to write a couple more books, both (hopefully) bespoke. Book 2 of the YA trilogy is up first, and serious work begins on that on MOnday. Will keep you posted.

And apropos books and publishing people, my lovely editor from the UK sent me a huge bunch of flowers which I found waiting for me at the front door when we came back from our outing yesterday. "Embers of Heaven" is three weeks old in Australia today.

And to end with, one of these memes (they go around like germs, don't they...?) - what would you like to see more of on this journal? Writingy stuff? Cat stuff? Stuff I haven't thought of? Let me know...

Now off to check on my to-do list and see if I can tick anything off today. And then it's upstairs, to see what the new TiVO (it was a Christmas present) has decided we would like to see today. So far it's come up with some real doozies, once we figured out that the reason it couldn't change channels was because the cats had knocked a cable out and if TiVO thought we were getting, say, "24" we'd get an hour of Jerry Springer instead. What can I tell you, it was surreal.

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