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Really REALLY hated it... for all the wrong reasons...

Remember that Shortcovers experiment?

I had a comment on the "Spellspam" excerpt by somebody pseudonymous whose profile was "private" on the site, and now apparently the same dude (same language, same kvetches) has taken the trouble to trawl for the book on the Net and has left the following 1-star review on Amazon:

Ugh, not worth reading. , February 28, 2009

By Literate1 (IN)

Ugh. Mindless drivel, and a knock-off of Harry Potter combined with a poor imitation of the cyberpunk genre. Not worth the time to read. I threw it away after the first chapter, seriously. If you want to read Harry Potter or Christopher Paolini-type books, stick to those. And if you want cyberpunk, stick to Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, and Neal Stephenson. But don't waste your time on this steaming pile of words.


Do you KNOW what steampunk is?...

Do you know how utterly silly it makes you look when you use it as a yardstick for a YA FANTASY novel which has no pretentions to be cyberpunk at all...?

[shrug] them's the breaks, you can't please all of the people all of the time, but REALLY now - saying that you hate a piece of work because it isn't something that it never aimed to be in the first place seems a little... out there...

Oh, and PS - if anybody out there who has actually read more than one chapter of the book, and it doesn't matter if you lurve it to death or have issues with it, would you consider adding some (more coherent) reviews on Amazon...? I'm not looking for backpats and sympathy, but a build-up of word-of-mouth would be great...
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