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Remember that online anthology I was blogging about a little earlier, the one about the short stories inspired by real astronomy, the one where one of my own rare science fiction stories appears, inspired by real science as exemplified by the Launchpad Astronomy Workshop which I was privileged enough to attend last year?

Mike Brotherton, the astronomy professor-slash-science fiction author whose brainchildren both Launchpad and this anthology were, was hoping that the stories might be used in the classroom to get some of the fundamental astronomical principles across in a more user-friendly way.

Well, guess what? It's happening.

It's happening RIGHT HERE. There's a timetable of events which are to happen in an actual classroom, and on it there's this:

"Thursday, March 5 we’ll have a quiz in class that replaces the SkyQuiz. You’ll get
a quiz form that asks about one of the three short stories we had for homework over the weekend. The question(s) will be in regard to the analogies with reality that the authors were trying to make. Short (one paragraph) answers are expected and hoped for (I have to read all 53 of these papers). Grading will obviously be subjective. This is an experiment to try and find a more interesting means of making some fundamental astronomical concepts clear."

The stories they were assigned to read? That came a little earlier on the program - take a look at this:

Feb 26 More about “The Stars” Web Assign #6, The Stars

“In the Autumn of the Empire” Jerry Oltion
"End of the World" Alma Alexander
“The Freshman Hookup” Wil McCarthy

I am ridiculously pleased at this news - that Mike's idea is working, and that my story is one of those chosen for the actual curriculum.


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