anghara (anghara) wrote,

Couple of items of potential interest...

There's a giveaway contest for Cybermage currently running here - go grab it.

And for those of you in the general area - and I do mean anywhere from Seattle up, if you're that way inclined - there's this, and it should be absolutely awesome, and I would love to see friendly faces there - and in particular if you have kids or have kids who belong to other people but to whose attention you might wish to bring the event. Tesla coils! Live! In action! Come see the fun, and the power! (I plan on a secret door prize, too. Just so as you know. So come on, roll up, one and all!)

For those who remained behind in Pasco, I will be doing a library event in one of the local libraries in April - venue and precise time still to be finalised, but I will be posting it here. Keep it in mind!

(oh, and if you feel like looking for MORE of my stuff to read online, there's a new essay up for your enjoyment - and while you're over at Interstitial Arts, take a look around the rest of the site, too. There's some great material there.)

Off to the pile of bills on my desk now...
Tags: a bit of shameless self promotion

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