anghara (anghara) wrote,

In snowy Seattle...

bjcooper and lmarley and I just got back from a joint school visit where we spoke to girls ranging from fifth graders to eighth graders about life, the universe, writing and everything. It was touch and go because the day before the school sent out a yelp that they were closed due to snow - so we literally didn't know until 7 AM this morning whether we were going to have a show or not. But they emailed this morning that school was open and we were on. It was a great visit, full of enthusiasm and some pretty good questions from the kids - and, of course, in the company of two friends and wonderful writers. Enjoyed it tremendously.

By the time we left the school, Just after 1:30 or so, the snow was coming down in thinck clumps - we wore a lot of it into the car from our short walk from the library to the car door. But they tell us that the rest of the day it should go back to rain, and tomorrow if anything it will be all rain so hopefully the trains will be running. I hope the trains across the country are running and that the train to Radcon will be there for us to catch this time (last year things got... dicey in the railroads department. Let's hope there are no repeats this year).

Spending some time at bjcooper's house, getting my dog fix with her three - rdeck and I have been playing fetch with the puppy for hours, where do dogs get this tireless energy? (Don't answer that, this is a border collie, they're born with a surfeit of it...) and I am currently blogging this on a borrowed computer with the other border collie sitting at my feet staring at me with soulful eyes. God, I miss having a dog sometimes.

Overnight here tonight, and then on to Pasco tomorrow. My very first GoH appearance at a science fiction convention. Blogging may be... intermittent over the next few days.

It's still snowing.

Got a few phone calls to make, and then back to being social with other people in the house. More later.

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